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Infor Releases SunSystems 6.3

Whats new?

Infor SunSystems 6.3 is the latest release of their Enterprise Financial Management software line-up, which includes a new module called “Purchase Requisitioning”. This new module completely integrates with current purchase order process and completes the procure to pay process in SunSystems.

Users will be able to experience an adaptable home page within Infor SunSystems and InforMing.le Xi. You’ll get access to a selection of widgets that allow you to get present appropriate link reports, functions and records. This should allow faster navigation and easier completion of daily tasks.


In the latyest version there are over 20 major enhancements and a myriad of minor ones ( many suggested by the User Groups).
Ledger import has had a lot of work done in order to enhance its performance. This was done to meet the growing requirements for increasing imports sizes to be processed and with more complex data.

Currency Rate Types
In addition to Currency Daily and Period Rates you can now define Currency Rate Types.
These enable you to define additional sets of rates that can be used for specific purposes.
There will always be a default set of rates that can be used but additional rates can be
defined and used when specified for specific functions or Journal Types.

Withholding Tax Incorporated into the Core Product
You can apply withholding tax at the time of invoicing or at payment.
There are a number of new setup functions:
 Witholding Tax Types
 Withholding Tax Exceptions
 Calculation Rules
 Time Frames

Domain Auditing
Furthermore, it is now more relevant to add auditing to the majority of the tables as more data is held in the Domain database. After that you can select an audit criteria you wish to organise.


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