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Infor Business Intelligence receives independent recognition

Infor BI made its debut this year as part of the Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study by Dresner Advisory Services – with phenomenal success!

Competing in the Titan market segment, which includes the largest vendors with a wide range of products and services, it was ranked as “best in class” in the sales, technical support, consulting, integrity, and recommended categories, winning overall on average marks.

Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer of Dresner Advisory Services is one of the foremost thinkers in BI and Performance Management, and is even credited with having coined the term “Business Intelligence” in 1989.

(admin 25.07.2013)


Infor release Ming.le™

Ground-breaking and visionary – Infor Ming.leTM is the new Enterprise level platform for driving performance and collaboration in a business environment.

Utilising the most innovative social media concepts, Infor Ming.leTM provides a fully customisable embedded solution for the distribution of valuable business knowledge in the form of contextual intelligence, tasks and alerts.

With the ability to drill-back to the information behind the bulletin, end users being able to modify feeds for relevance, this is a powerful tool much to the benefit of most organisations.

(admin 03.07.2013)


Professional Advantage release iPOS 5.8

iPOS has been hugely successful at providing savings to a wide variety of organisations by enforcing a more disciplined and also enlightened approach to purchasing and expenditure.

This latest release includes new functionality around contract management along with enhancements to the browser interface to increase usability and further updates to the ledger interface to save time even more time in accounts.

(admin 22.02.2013)


Infor buys Easy RMS

Enterprise applications provider Infor has acquired Easy RMS, a London based multitenant SaaS revenue management software provider for the hospitality industry.

Easy RMS expands the Infor10 hospitality application adding revenue management functionality to help hotel operators to optimise the pricing offered on rooms for sale to help maximise occupancy rates and profitability.

The acquisition will expand Infor’s application suite for the hospitality industry by adding revenue management capabilities to functionality for front office, reservations, housekeeping, engineering, event management, sales and marketing, HR and talent management available both in the cloud and on-premise.

(admin 14.06.2012)



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