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Professional Advantage Latest Release iPOS

iPOS has been hugely successful at providing savings to a wide variety of organisations by enforcing a more disciplined and also enlightened approach to purchasing and expenditure.

This latest release includes new functionality around contract management along with enhancements to the browser interface to increase usability and further updates to the ledger interface to save time even more time in accounts.

Digitise your procurement processes

Digitising your manual procurement processes eliminates maverick purchasing behaviour, costly administration and risky data inconsistencies.
Orchestrating the whole purchase lifecycle from initial request to authorised payment, iPOS brings visibility and control to managers and consistency and predictability to employees.
iPOS makes it easy for your people to rapidly request and purchase what they need while preventing non-conforming behaviour and inappropriate spending.
As a result, companies can quickly turn the advantages of improved governance, compliance with internal requirements and audit visibility into a positive return on investment.

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