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Our single-minded goal is to provide you with an optimal ERP and financial management solution. We address your specific business requirements and propose a solution that offers a return on your investment, avoiding excessively complex designs.  

The route to mutual success is through long and close partnerships. You benefit from our 25 years’ experience in system implementation and our uncompromising focus on finance and ERP solutions. 

People buy from people and we want you to gain ongoing value from the products and services you receive. Our approach is consultative and supportive and fully focused on your business needs.

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Also known as Sun Accounts, Infor Financials Business (SunSystems) and SunSystems Enterprise, Infor SunSystems is a comprehensive, world-class financial accounting software solution well suited to companies with complex lines of business or multiple locations. SunSystems connects seamlessly with organisational systems and provides you with a centralised, real-time view of data across your entire business.

As a SunSystems dedicated business partner, we aim to develop close and continuing relationships with our customers so we are better able to offer relevant advice in an ever-changing landscape.

Our extensive software knowledge and accreditation coupled with our commitment to understanding your individual business requirements are key to ensuring a successful project right from scoping requirements through to delivery, training and ongoing helpdesk support.

We understand how to optimise business software and processes, helping companies to overcome the pains that result from disparate, hard-to-use applications that are ineffective. To request a SunSystems demonstration, contact us here.

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Built from the ground up on the cloud, NetSuite ERP is a long-established business software solution for small and medium businesses.  With accounting and financials, eCommerce, CRM and HR capability, NetSuite helps finance and business leaders to design, transform and streamline processes and operations.

NetSuite ERP manages financial business processes and core back-office functions from a single dataset in the cloud.  With access to real-time data from anywhere, decision making is faster and better, and as a fully scalable solution, innovation and growth is easy to manage. 

With modules for financial management, sophisticated revenue management and billing solutions, inventory, supply chain and warehouse management solutions, NetSuite support most industries to manage business performance.  Full compliance with multiple regulatory financial requirements such as ASC 606, GAAP, SOX is included, and NetSuite OneWorld accommodates businesses that trade globally.

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