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5 signs you need a Document Management System (DMS)

What is a Document Management System? An electronic Document Management System is a software that is used to capture, process,

UK restaurant market to grow by 59% in 2022

The new Lumina Intelligence UK Restaurant Market Report 2021/2022 suggests that the UK restaurant market will grow by 59% in


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Soaring Living Costs in the UK, 5.4% higher than December 2021

As we all know, the UK is experiencing soaring living costs. Whether it is your energy bills, fuel costs, food

Wave’s definitive guide to Making Tax Digital software

What is a Making Tax Digital? Making Tax Digital, commonly abbreviated to MTD, is a government initiative that aims to

What exactly is Infor OS?

Infor OS, the future of digital transformation For a business to operate holistically, collaborative and integrated technology platforms are essential

The benefit of a POS (point of sale) solution for your hotel

What is a Hotel POS system? Hotel POS systems help hotel operators to manage the daily operations of their business

Discover Infor EAM Asset Management

Looking to optimise the performance of your assets? With Infor EAM, efficient asset management is simple! Infor EAM digitises the

What is NetSuite?

Are you thinking about managing your business on a Cloud platform? At Wave, we partner with NetSuite, the worlds leading