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Checkout-free stores popping up across the UK

Technology has changed the way that we operate across all walks of life and supermarkets have definitely experienced these changes. Supermarkets have been adopting technologies along the way, the most recent innovation being checkout-free stores.

Fuel shortages are now coming to an end

Over the past two weeks, the UK has experienced fuel shortages, leading to a number of empty filling stations and

Food shortages across the UK

It is apparent that the UK are experiencing food shortages in our supermarkets right now. But what are the reasons for these shortages and what is the impact?

Asset management in the oil and gas industry

ISO defines asset management as the “activity to realise value from assets.” Over recent years, the oil and gas industry

Our favourite British vineyards of 2021

In recent years, Britain has earned a name for itself in the winemaking industry. Once a rarity, there are now

The offshore sector is now on the road to recovery

According to the Oil and Gas UK 2021 Business Outlook, expenditure on UK offshore activity fell sharply in 2020 compared

“Pingdemic” causing devastating closure for many restaurants and pubs

The number of people who had been exposed to COVID has skyrocketed, sending the NHS Covid Track and trace app into a “pingdemic”.

Renewable energy is the future for oil and gas companies

The UK is now looking towards a future where the majority of electricity will come from green energy sources. Not only will this reduce the global impact of climate change, but switching to renewable energy can create thousands of new jobs, which will boost the UK economy.

How nightclubs and events are impacted by COVID-19

Since nightclubs have been able to reopen for the first time since March 2020, there is a predicted surge in demand for events including nightclubs, boat parties, festivals and sporting events.

Tackle against climate change needs critical input from the oil and gas industry

It is no secret that the oil and gas industry is a key player in the fight against climate change.