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The Wave Approach

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1. Understanding Your Business Requirements

Any business system project must begin with a full and clear understanding of your business requirements. This scoping and analysis phase is strategic, business-driven and practical, and offers a number of benefits, not least of which are that it promotes partnership, develops clear and common understanding and serves as a blueprint to achieve maximum business results.

2. Designing and Implementing Practical Solutions

Wave understands how to optimise business systems and processes. Our project methodology is designed to ensure that the delivered solution meets the defined business requirements, at the quality expected and within a pre-determined time-frame.

3. Supporting Your Business

Providing support to our clients is the back-bone of our business, and crucial to the longevity of customer relationships.

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In addition to our business systems team, we can provide systems accountants, business intelligence experts and interim managers. All are highly experienced professionals able to provide significant benefit within short or long term assignments.


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