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Change Management

Change Management is key to the success of a new business system. The need for change management is clearly evident from the potential impact on business processes that result from business system developments.  Even the best software, perfectly implemented, will be useless if change management is not done well.

However good the product and the design, the co-operation of end-users at go-live is essential and the best way of achieving this is through; communication, education and involvement.

Our Change Management service includes:

  • Assisting with drafting announcements.
  • Help with the preparation and delivery of staff briefing sessions.
  • Help with preparing e-mail based feedback processes.
  • Help with drafting monthly progress reports.
  • Help with the preparation and maintenance of the project training plan, with the aim of identifying any non-core training requirements necessitated by the new systems.
  • Help with developing an FAQ page to go on an appropriate intranet site.

The benefits you will get from Wave’s approach to change management:

  • All staff opinions will be taken into account – we believe that it is crucial to the success of the project that everyone involved is listened to and their opinions are considered.
  • Online surveys used to involve everyone in the company.
  • No surprises – communication will be open and honest so there will be no nasty surprises for anyone.
  • Experienced Project Managers dedicated to the success of your campaign.


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