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Management Support

Wave’s Management Support service is a cost-effective solution to short or medium term gaps in clients’ management teams. It is aimed at bringing within reach a level of practical management experience, knowledge and skill relevant to the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises.

Our consultants enable clients to supplement their core management team with skills that are lacking as a result of unavailability (i.e. due to the demands of day-to-day business) or lack of experience.

Our end-to-end approach typically entails:

  • Understanding the stakeholder ambitions and vision for the business.
  • Reviewing the company’s market position – likely developments, business trends, customer and competitor profiles, how the products / services are delivered.
  • Working with management to agree a strategic plan supported by specific, measurable objectives that are owned by a responsible team member.
  • “Hands on” involvement – providing leadership and management at all levels while delivering specific actions against appropriate time lines.

With a balanced team of consultants we are geared to deliver services to any, or all, of the stages outlined above. It is our “hands on” approach and the access to our strong business systems team which we believe sets our service apart from others. We are more than happy, and would normally expect, to take full ownership and responsibility for all areas of delivery.

The benefits of our service includes:

  • Independence – objective unbiased views.
  • Experience – having the knowledge and skills relevant to your requirements.
  • Flexible – contracts can be full or part time for as little as a week or as long as necessary.
  • Effective – skilled consultants requiring only a short learning curve.
  • Cost effective – as a short term resource our consultants can be of huge benefit for a fixed or easily monitored cost.
  • Reassurance – as externals primarily engaged to assist clients through a period of change, existing management can rest assured about their own delivery in the knowledge that the areas allocated to our consultants are completely in-hand.

Situations where our services have been used most effectively:

  • Struggling businesses or divisions within a larger business
  • Integration of businesses following merger or acquisition


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