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Product Evaluation and Selection

Evaluating and selecting a new product and supplier can be a lengthy and time consuming procedure.

Wave can manage the whole process, removing the hassle and providing complete transparency throughout.

Wave’s service includes:

  • Advising on the most appropriate suppliers based on many years of undertaking this type of work.
  • Analysis of the suppliers written responses to the business requirements and other supporting literature.
  • Assessment of supplier statements and costs.
  • Discussion with supplier reference sites.
  • Notification of any areas that Wave believe should be investigated further.
  • Assistance at supplier demonstrations in order to ensure the focus is on your requirements rather than on what the supplier would like to show you or what demonstrates well.
  • Documentation of Wave’s opinion of the best solution based on all the information obtained, assessed and considered.
  • Assist with probing the supplier on any outstanding areas of concern or uncertainty.

This entire process will ensure any system purchasing decisions are empirical, supported by the facts and fully based on your requirements.

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