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Financial Solutions Native Cloud & Hosting Service

Providing you with the optimum hosting solution for SunSystems and associated software.

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What is the native cloud?

A native cloud application is the new way to “own” and use business applications. Rather than manage the computing infrastructure in-house or via a third-party IT services arrangement, the application is written, managed and distributed to you securely by its authors across the public internet.

You benefit from

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Reducing costs of in-house IT and maintenance

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Gaining access to higher levels of information security

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Native cloud apps are always up-to-date and always available.

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Removing the typical cycle time for software upgrades and updates as authors publish enhancements to the Cloud in a non-disruptive, continual cycle

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Dynamically increase your resources in reaction to increased demand, maximising your efficiency and keeping your costs to a minimum

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What is hosting?

Wave will install and proactively manage your software on a secure data centre or cloud, relieving your IT team of all responsibility for setting up and maintaining the servers, the databases and the software.

Users will continue to access the applications seamlessly through secure links.

You receive integrated support through a single help-desk operated by experienced product and implementation experts, avoiding the discrepancies and poor communication that accompany most attempts at outsourcing.

Key Benefits of Application Managed Services (AMS):

In both native cloud and hosting options, you no longer have to worry about managing the server infrastructure. We’ll take care of it for you.

Wave provides Application Managed Services (AMS) which incorporates our own expert’s technical knowledge and application experience, enabling us to work closely with you and our application partners to deliver you an excellent experience.

The Benefits

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Reduce Hardware Costs and Overheads

Hosted services reduce the budget normally needed to purchase the servers and other infrastructure needed to run applications.

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Reduced Wasted Internal I.T. Staff Time

Give IT staff the time they need to work on their projects rather than worrying about the day-to-day stresses of maintaining key applications.

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Simplifying and Modernising IT Resources

No need to keep technical expertise in SunSystems, Citrix and related technologies on the payroll.

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Disaster Recovery & Continuity Plan

A simple extension of the standard service will save your daily backups on another continent and ensure they can be brought as required if you are unfortunate enough to lose your usual operating facilities.

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Effective System Maintenance

Experience minimum server downtime as a result of proactive infrastructure management and through us anticipating problems and preventing them from having an impact.

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Maximum System Security

The use of a modern data centre with properly maintained systems is the best possible means of reducing the risk to your data from accidental or malicious interference.

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Cash Flow Benefits

We can come up with an excellent leasing deal for new SunSystems installations, covering all your up-front costs and spreading payments over time.

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