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Our experts help you manage your application infrastructure and integrate your solution with the rest of your IT environment.

Benefit from experienced technical and development experts

Our technical team has been deploying and upgrading SunSystems for over 25 years… including

SunSystems 3.5

SunSystems 4

SunSystems 4.2.6

SunSystems 4.3.1

SunSystems 4.4

SunSystems 5

SunSystems 5.1

SunSystems 5.2

SunSystems 5.3

SunSystems 5.4

SunSystems 6

SunSystems 6.1

SunSystems 6.2

SunSystems 6.3

SunSystems 6.4

Our experts have worked with Microsoft Windows Server Operating System deployments using..

Microsoft Windows Server 2000

Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Microsoft Windows 2019

Microsoft SQL server 2019

Case Study Snapshot

A large group of combined entities were being split out into single organisations, which involved separating out all of the other Business Units and databases, leaving the single required entities on separate deployments.

Wave upgraded a SunSystems 5.1 instance on SQL 2000 to SunSystems 6.4 on Windows 2019 and SQL 2019. This involved a 3 stage upgrade jump from a very dated Microsoft operating systems, both Windows and SQL server, to the latest versions.

Using our comprehensive range of Virtual Test environments, Wave’s technical team were able to manipulate existing data and upgrade through supported operating systems for the intermediate SunSystems versions to the current Windows operating systems.

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Development Services

Wave helps design tools, routines, report packs and mini-applications that enhance the performance of your people and your solutions.

Our intimate knowledge of the data structures and the capabilities within your core systems gives us a perfect opportunity to identify, design and build additional capabilities to fit your solution and your organisational requirements perfectly.

With cloud and hosting options becoming increasingly popular, there is less need for technical services. But when these are required, they are in the added value areas of application integration and IT environment interaction. These include activities such as Single Sign-On, integration design and testing as well as reporting and analytical data migrations to preferred corporate platforms.

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