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Infor BI/Infor d/EPM reporting suite is your solution for providing the critical information required for Strategizing, Planning, Budgeting, Consolidating and Forecasting in a format that works for your colleagues and with the FMS that works for you.

Business Intelligence is fast becoming the must-have tool for driving performance through accurate, in-depth forecasting and budgeting, d/EPM is utilised in all sectors and can be used with most Financial Management Systems.

The advantage of business intelligence is that it provides fully customisable dashboard analysis and reporting functions which are the next step for any company wanting to continually adapt to a dynamic marketplace.

Infor d/EPM can also seamlessly be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and maximise ROI on other IT investments by allowing planning and analysis of performance.

Business Intelligence can allow users can readily produce customised solutions for:

  • Strategy – Directing the focus and actions of your organization
  • Planning – Preparing realistic financial and operational plans
  • Budgeting – Allocate resources efficiently
  • Consolidation – Closing the books faster
  • Forecasting – Predicting future performance

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