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Infor OS is a cloud operating platform that seamlessly connects services to provide a robust technology framework that serves as the foundation of innovation for the entire business ecosystem.

Infor OS provides horizontal technology services across all of Infor CloudSuites and extends into third party solutions as well. With more than 10,000 customers, worldwide availability in nine Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions, Infor OS is one of the most successful and proven cloud platforms on the market.

Organisations that move to cloud-based business systems often have concerns about how the solution will fit in with the rest of their IT landscape now and in the future.

Questions that are often asked about Infor OS

How will my existing system interface to Infor?

Can you build new applications in the Infor Cloud as the business needs change?

How do you access data in the cloud?

What tools do Infor offer for the digitalisation of processes and management of the system?

Can Infor solutions help my business innovate with advanced technology, for example, AI – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

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