making tax digital

Since April 2019, Businesses above the VAT threshold have been mandated to keep their records digitally and provide quarterly updates to HMRC for their VAT.

HMRC API Connectivity

PAMTD allows for a direct connection with the HMRC Tax API. The system is able to extract information and submit returns via this interface. Once installed, PAMTD will need to make a connection to the HMRC API.

HMRC Pre-requisites

Prior to implementing PAMTD your organisation will need to register with HMRC for Making Tax Digital. This registration will provide you with the required user IDs and passwords for the implementation.

Features & Benefits

•Supports Infor SunSystems 4.4 and v6.1 and above, inherently understanding SunSystems User Security, Business Units, and data structures – as with all Professional Advantage solutions​

•Transfers Infor SunSystems data into the MTD VAT format​

•Electronic return passed into the secure HMRC API automatically and authenticated​

Inclusion of links to complex spreadsheet calculations, retains this information within the security of the SunSystems database as part of HMRC compliance​

•Allows for the storage of non VAT related information required to be reported on the Electronic Tax Return​

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•The process is automatic. it reduces the preparation & report generation by 3 to 6 hours per Quarter thus reducing cost and errors 

•Understands your SunSystems data & includes external data

•Period to month conversation

•On demand inquiry, validation & submission

•Full historical audit trail from SunSystems HMRC

•Caters for multiple Business units. databases and Groups

•Period to month conversation

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