Professional Advantage develops software add-ons and enhancements that enhance the value of leading software solutions like Infor FMS SunSystems.

Software add-ons and enhancements

Cash Desk

Bank Reconciliation – A complete system for easily maintaining your current bank position. It is a flexible and powerful addition to your organisations financial management, allowing you to identify, track and resolve non-reconciled items at a glance.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates manual tasks
  • Improves data integrity
  • Automation can make a monthly task a daily task
  • Improved audit ability
  • Saves time and frustration
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Banklinks for Business (B4B)

Provides an interface between the payables module within Infor FMS SunSystems and the services provided by your bank for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Key Benefits:

  • A significant reduction in time and costs overpayment by cheque
  • Improved cash flow control with transactions processed exactly when you want
  • Increased efficiency in the accounts payable department
  • No re-keying transactions into your banking system
  • Excellent security and audit
  • Forms, data items and help incorporate localisation for your country/bank
  • Comprehensive validation ensures accurate data and reduces payment rejections

MTD – Making Tax Digital

• Supports Infor SunSystems 4.4 and v6.1 and above, inherently understanding SunSystems User Security, Business Units, and data structures as with all Professional Advantage solutions​

• Reads Infor SunSystems data into the MTD VAT format​ & electronically passed to the secure HMRC API automatically and authenticated​

• Allows for the storage of non VAT related information required to be reported on the Electronic Tax Return

• Inclusion of links to complex spreadsheet calculation results and retention of this information, within the security of the SunSystems database as part of HMRC compliance

• The process is automatic. A client could reduce the preparation, report running and record keeping time by 3 to 6 hours per reporting cycle thus reducing cost and errors 

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For Infor FMS SunSystems is a flexible solution that offers receipting, deposit slip preparation and online allocation to assist in the accurate processing of receipts.

Key Benefits:

  • Receipt and allocate monies with the least amount of key strokes
  • Internal control is enhanced by the separation of duties, avoiding teaming and lading, full audit trail and enforced balancing


Collect for SunSystems is a debtor management module offering unparalleled credit management and debt collection functionality.

Key benefits:

  • In-depth analysis of debtor days and cash flow
  • Close monitoring of debtors
  • Track collection

Collect enables you to reduce Days Sales Outstanding, improve cash flow while minimising collection costs.

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