Historically, many organisations have been put off considering a Document Management solution due to the costs involved as well as the upheaval caused by transferring older records as well as incoming records into a digital format.

In the meantime businesses will continue to work in an old fashioned method, where interruptions to workflow can frequently stop you dead in your tracks, jumping between jobs whilst you await the document you have requisitioned. This is fragmented, very labour intensive and sometimes involves failing to capture key information.

In most organisations, this is a reflection of the mentality that additional systems cost your margin and so cannot be justified where departmental budgets are continually squeezed by cost-saving targets.

document management

Why implement a Document Management System?

  • An estimated 40% of budget spent on general management of documents within your organisation could be saved by implementing a solution to digitally archive them for future retrieval.
  • Imagine going back to hand writing all correspondence; Not having email and word processing is the equivalent of not having document system in place.
  • This system will save you money and time, we can demonstrate it, allow us to.

Key Benefits of implementing V1:

Instant access to business critical documents

All documents are a click away and are linked directly to their entries in SunSystems. Time waiting for admin to make that trip down to the basement saved.

Free up office space

Filing cabinets now become office space. How much will you save per m2

Automate Workflows

Enforce Invoiceauthorisation and approval chains. The value added benefit of being a workflow engine.

Optical Character Recognition

Accurate and fast – utilises state-of-the-art logic to flag documents that cannot be read successfully. Saving time through negating tedious data entry.