As you are only too aware, the education sector is faced with having to cut costs for a long time to come. Surviving this in good order will require complete financial control, with tight analysis and flexible, rapid reporting.

The way to achieve this is by implementing a finance system that is very solid, contains loads of analysis features and includes powerful recording and reporting tools. Plus simple integration with your specialist education software. All in addition to being very affordable, therefore maximising the ROI and making the cuts a little easier to deal with.

Infor SunSystems, one of the world’s leading finance management systems, provides organisations with a single, integrated ledger for powerful financial control with the ability to close your books quickly and accurately. By offering global, low risk solutions and rapid, low cost deployments, SunSystems have been helping managers achieve best-in-class financial management through rapidly changing conditions for over 20 years.

At Wave Consulting, we have put together a unique solution for Education, adding document management and advanced spend control to SunSystems – with hosting and finance options designed to assist you implement SunSystems as simply and cost effectively as possible.

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The Infor SunSystems FMS Proposition: 

More than 1000 colleges and universities have implemented Infor™ FMS SunSystems for Education. They’re using the solution to improve both the visibility of their financial information and the way they use it to boost profitability.

With Infor FMS SunSystems for Education, you’ll get financial management capabilities designed specifically for schools and colleges. You’ll consolidate all your financial data into a single system with an open architecture. You’ll see easy interoperability with your other software solutions, as well as integrated security and an intuitive, easy-to-learn tool set.

Easily expanded and adapted to meet changing requirements, mergers, acquisitions and organizational restructure.

Designed to be administered and maintained by finance, with little IT involvement needed.

A charts of accounts that adheres to college and university standards.


An enhanced analysis structure with departmental structures and management reporting lines.

Allocations of revenue and cost in order to establish true profitability by each revenue stream.

Web based procurement to enabling control on spend and full visibility of committed expenditure.

Budgeting & Forecasting tools to analyse seasonal trends and utilisation enabling better decisions for the future.

Proven integration to booking, membership, property and Point of Sales (POS) systems.

Extensive reporting design capabilities to report by customer, activity, type, region, location, department, and more.

Automate the delivery of multilayered operational and management reports using data from a single source to address key college performance indicators and government regulations.

This will aid your organisation in:

  • Closing the books quickly.
  • Cutting costs.
  • Streamlining back-office processes.
  • Boosting profitability.
  • Enhancing guest satisfaction, thus increasing repeat business.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Adapting quickly and easily to changing business needs.