Our industry expertise and our software partners have helped organisations across a wide range of industries leverage the solutions we provide to meet their own particular needs.  FMS and ERP solutions are horizontally biased, meaning our solutions can work for any organisation in any industry sector.  All organisations must keep business records of their financial transactions and so our solutions can be configured to meet any industry’s core needs

The focus therefore of our industry expertise is on the services experience which takes powerful and flexible but universally applicable software products and allows us to tailor them to the needs of each sector, be it integration, analysis, reporting or taxation issues. 

In each sector, we understand your language, your terminology and can rapidly deploy solutions that meet your needs, because we have done it before.  Read through our list of key sectors we have worked in and get in touch to find out more.  Equally, if your sector is not listed here, it does not mean we can’t help you.  We specialise in translating business requirements into solution deliverables, so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants, on +44 (0) 207 043 9357 and let us know how we can help.

Oil & Gas, Exploration

Extensive upstream experience for speedy deployment, joint venture cost allocation, integration with operational systems and globally compliant currency and reporting.

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Private Equity

Unique accounting rules require flexible financial software.  Wave’s solutions meet the specific needs of private equity fund accounting.

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Hospitality & Leisure

Operators and owners across the globe rely on FMS for cost effective chart of accounts, integration with PMS and extensive analysis and reporting.

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Social housing providers are under pressure to perform for regulators and tenants and so managing assets with all stakeholders in mind is key.  Find out how Wave helps keep on top of finances with our proven solutions for Housing Associations.

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Professional Services

Real-time visibility into business health focussed on reducing administration and effective use and reporting of resource utilisation in a streamlined back office.

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Not for Profit

SORP and SOFA reporting, donor auditing, 3rd party membership and fundraising integration.  Wave has the experience to help your organisation.

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We also have experience and expertise in these industries:

Public Sector

Public service organisations rely on configurable financial solutions to manage unique funding and expenditure obligations.


Maintaining good relationships with authors, artists, content providers, distributors and technical specialists starts with good business systems.


1000s of educational settings need a common chart of accounts, compliance reporting and departmental-level control of costs.