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Housing Associations are under ever-increasing pressure to be accountable. Not only do they need to manage their assets but they need to continually meet the needs and requirements of their tenants. Therefore a system that takes into account both of these requirements is necessary. The system needs to manage existing assets as well as accounting for individual tenants’ requirements, amendments, transactions and so on.

Wave Consulting suggests the implementation of a pragmatic and cost-effective solution whereby both the association and the tenant’s requirements are accounted for and recorded. We have acquired a number of longstanding relationships within the housing association sector over the years and therefore is well placed to advise on the most suitable business system.

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Adherence to Industry Standards

A chart of accounts that adheres to housing association standards.

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Unlimited Company & Unlimited Property

Capability to set up unlimited companies and unlimited properties, with support for flexible consolidation

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Seamless Integration

Seamless integration and excellent cooperation with other operational systems such as housing management, payroll and banking systems 

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Deferred Revenue Capability

Posted into future periods with no need for an accruals process 

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Advanced Analysis Structure

An enhanced analysis structure with departmental structures and management reporting lines, supporting instant reporting on revenue/expenses by property, unit, tenant, project, employee, cost centre and any other established analysis dimension.

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Fixed Asset Management

Track fixed assets to ensure accurate financial accounting and implement preventative maintenance


For Housing Associations

73 732000 trusted by top organizations around the world infor 1 - Wave Consulting

With Infor FMS SunSystems, you’ll get financial management capabilities designed specifically for housing associations. You’ll consolidate all your financial data into a single system with an open architecture. You’ll see easy interoperability with your other software solutions, as well as integrated security and an intuitive, easy-to-learn toolset.

Easily expanded and adapted to meet changing requirements, mergers, acquisitions and organizational restructuring.

Designed to be administered and maintained by finance, with little IT involvement needed.

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For Housing Associations

Oracle NetSuite

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