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As your financial team will know, accounting is not an easy task due to the volatility and complexity of the industry. It can be onerous to manage a vast number of local variations in language, currency and standards while tracking purchases through the complexities of a joint venture exploration project.

An effective financial management solution can enable you to meet change and complexity with confidence. With over 25 years of experience working closely with some of the UK’s leading Oil, Gas and Energy companies, you benefit from our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry.

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Enhanced Analysis Structure

Powerful tools to allow analysis performance against KPI’s for management reporting lines such as Cost Centre’s, Departments, Fields, Blocks AFE’s and Projects.

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Regulatory Reporting

Real-time reports in multiple formats are available in a matter of minutes, providing real-time data to key users and adhering to regulatory reporting standards.

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Revenue and Expense Tracking

Establish true profitability by each revenue stream through powerful analysis, allowing you to retain transparency across multiple sites/locations.

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Multi-Currency Functionality

Set up multiple companies, with the ability to customise each with their own base and reporting currency.

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Joint Venture Billing

Accurately allocate costs and revenues with Joint Venture Billing. Track expenses and revenues on complex joint ventures with confidence.

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Integration Capabilities

Proven integration with other oil and gas software, such as time writing, procurement and budget management systems.

“Wave has enabled us to achieve the most from our financial solution, with the ability to tap into joint venture billing, resource allocation and real-time data within seconds.”

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for Oil, Gas and Energy

As an Infor Gold Channel Partner, Wave Consulting has years of experience and expertise through implementing and supporting SunSystems across the Oil, Gas and Energy sector.

With Infor FMS SunSystems Energy, you’ll get financial management capabilities designed specifically for energy companies. You’ll consolidate all your financial data into a single system with an open architecture. You’ll see easy interoperability with your other software solutions, as well as integrated security and an intuitive, easy-to-learn toolset.


for Oil, Gas and Energy

Make faster and smarter decisions with oil and gas software built for the cloud.

NetSuite is the ideal financial solution for Oil, Gas and Energy companies. NetSuite’s increased visibility creates transparency across the entire organisation and enables you quickly identify profitable and unprofitable areas, allowing you to improve the efficiency of your processes.

Moreover, individuals across the whole organisation can access real-time data to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources efficiently and accurately.