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Oracle NetSuite

Experts in Financial Services and Private Equity Accounting Software

Private equity companies come in many different investing forms, all of which will acquire their own specific, individual requirements and preference strategies over time. A constant key requirement for all of these organisations is the ability to access complete, accurate and timely information as and when required within a ‘real-time’ data access environment.

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Multi-Currency and Multi-language

Unmatched multi-currency functionality with up to 5 reporting currencies per transaction. Industry-leading multi-language support that lets you generate reports and manage operations in over 20 different languages.

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Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with other business systems automatically bringing in data from trading, treasury management, fund management, CRM, Payroll & banking systems

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Powerful Reporting and Compliance

Powerful, intuitive reporting and business intelligence, FCA and IAS Compliant. You are provided with pre-built templates or ad hoc reports that are compliant with the latest regulations including UK GAAP, US GAAP and IFRS. 

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Advanced Analysis Structure

An enhanced analysis structure with departmental structures and management reporting lines, supporting instant reporting on revenue/expenses by fund type, project, cost centre, donor and other defined analysis dimensions

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Unlimited Companies

Ability to set up unlimited companies which supports flexible consolidation and enables your business to expand and grow

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Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

With an internet connection, you are able to access real-time data on any device, anytime, anywhere, allowing you to make quick data-driven decisions, improving the efficiency of the business


For Private Equity

We have extensive experience implementing and supporting SunSystems for private equity and other financial services firms.


For Private Equity

NetSuite is the perfect Private Equity accounting software solution! NetSuite provides Private Equity companies with the ability to optimise decision-making across a complex portfolio. NetSuite provides an integrated and transparent software platform, enabling the most complex of Private Equity firms to access real-time data and execute bold and business changing strategies.

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