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Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) is a financial management system that provides powerful, scalable functionality to over 10,000 customers globally. It is developed by the third largest provider of enterprise applications and services and delivered by experienced systems professionals at Wave.

Why choose SunSystems?

  • Powerful multi-dimensional analysis at a number of levels which can be used to meet multiple statutory and management reporting requirements at all levels of an organization such as location, department, project and/or team.
  • Benchmark multi-currency functionality, which can be configured to meet all IFRS and GAAP requirements, plus other requirements for reporting to parent companies in alternative companies.  Full and sophisticated revaluation functionality is also available as standard.
  • Easy integration with other systems, including all major ERP solutions, making it particularly useful in satellite offices as a complement to the major ERP vendor’s solution
  • Easily expanded and adapted to meet changing requirements, mergers, acquisitions and organizational restructure
  • Designed to be administered and maintained by finance, with little IT involvement needed.

In one effective solution, SunSystems gives you all you need to:

Cut costs and create efficiency in finance processes – SunSystems significantly reduces budget cycle times by providing a single, integrated environment for budgeting and forecasting.

Improve corporate performance – Greater visibility and transparency of data will help you more easily meet corporate governance demands. Real-time reporting and analysis means that users and stakeholders can better understand how the business is performing. Real-time alerts let you focus on areas that need immediate attention.

Integrate financial and operational data – Finance and operational data can be integrated to provide a consistent and auditable solution for accurate reporting and budgeting across the enterprise.

Reduce errors and avoid data duplication – Financial planning and budgeting data is integrated to the general ledger, reducing accounting errors.

Provide a consistent and auditable environment – The solution provides audit trails and sophisticated data reconciliation functionality. XML-based workflow technology makes it easier to comply with requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Work globally – SunSystems is built to accommodate multiple languages and currencies, so it stands ready to support you wherever your business grows. We also support local statutory compliance.

Extend and elevate financial management – Integrated solutions for performance management and business analytics provide the platform for the finance function to shift its focus from transaction processing to decision support. You gain the ability to predict the impact of changes in your business conditions and strategy.

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