iPOS P2P for SunSystems is a role based, end-to-end, browser delivered procure-to-pay solution.  iPOS drives down maverick purchasing, controls spend across organisations, and manages extensive approval workflow requirements.   iPOS delivers comprehensive transparency and auditability to the organisation with built in checks and balances.   iPOS includes a number of optional components such as Supplier draw-down Contracts and Mobile Approvals, as well as other listed below.   Fully integrated, not interfaced, to Infor SunSystems, guaranteeing data truth and accuracy as well as real time reporting.

What do customers find useful about iPOS P2P?


Interface with SunSystems is seamless and clear interface does not require training. Interface with 3rd party systems such as logistic systems.

Ease of Use

Purchase-to-pay process automation easing the finance department burden.  Purchase Invoice Automation improves paper based invoice management


Companies can quickly turn the advantages of: improved governance, compliance and audit visibility, into a rapid and positive return on investment.


Performance for large order and invoice volumes, especially invoices with ‘000 of lines.


Dashboard provides quick at-a-glance information: identify issues/bottlenecks, track spend, identify savings

XM Pro for iPOS

XMPro for iPOS supports other workflow-based activities with user-defined business rules such as traffic request-review-approve workflow