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time@work is a Powerful & Flexible Business Management Solution which incorporates Time Recording, Expense Management, Budgeting, Resource Planning & Invoicing modules.

time@work’s Multi Company and Multi Currency modules combined with its Multi Lingual features, enable global organisations to deploy time@work throughout the world.

Timesheet Module has been designed to combine Employee ease of use with powerful and flexible analysis, reporting and fee/cost calculations.

Expenses Module allows organisations to configure expense forms to meet the particular requirements and business rules of their organisation.

Budgeting Module enables organisations to establish unlimited budgets for forecasting and planning of both time and expenses.

Resource Planning Module enables organisations to optimise the deployment of resources by matching the right Employees, with the right skills, to the needs of each Project and Task.

Invoicing Module is a highly configurable and flexible billing engine which is designed to handle time and materials, fixed price, planned and ad-hoc invoices. Additionally credit notes and invoice reversals can be managed.

Multi Company Module enables organisations with multiple legal entities and inter-company recharging requirements to manage their businesses more effectively.

Multi Currency Module meets the simplest as well as the most sophisticated requirements for multi-currency transactions and reporting. time@work can operate both in a single currency and record a transaction in up to 20 different currencies.

Reporting Module the up to date management information provided by the time@work Reporting Module is essential for the control of a service business, enabling the right decisions about business streams, clients, projects and employees.

time@work’s data structure and reporting tools enable the development of unlimited multi-dimensional reports such as:

  • Work in Progress by Employee Department
  • Work in Progress by Company
  • Invoice Value by Business Stream
  • Invoice Value by Accounting Period
  • Discounts from Standard Fee Rates by Client
  • Achieved Consulting Rates by Employee
  • Average Assignment Duration by Business Stream
  • Utilisation by Employee
  • Margin by Employee

Ease of Use:

time@Work is incredibly easy to use for such a functionally rich system. It has been designed with employees and managers from all departments in mind. The browser based Professional Services Workbench is the medium through which employees work with time@work and it enables them to carry out:

  • Timesheet Entry and Authorisation
  • Expense Form Entry (or Proxy Entry followed by Confirmation), Authorisation and Review
  • Diary view (with optional modification)
  • Alerts of recent allocations to Projects
  • Employee Allocation (through multiple Employee Diary view)
  • Project Manager or Departmental Approval
  • Report Viewing and Printing
  • Review News
  • Data Maintenance (Employees, Clients, Projects, Tasks, Analysis)


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