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SunSystems Vision / Infor PM Query & Analysis

A reporting tool for creating customisable reports and delivering analysis and business intelligence to your organisation.

Infor PM’s Query and Analysis solution can help your company generate a fast return through the ability to get users up to speed very quickly with minimal IT involvement in addition to a better understanding of trends, patterns, and exceptions affecting your business which results in improved business intelligence for decision-making purposes.

Key features:

Drilldown and cube analysis

Query and Analysis allows users to drill down from a report to the supporting live transaction information. They can make inquiries on figures any way they want. Then the solution displays results from OLAP and relational databases in a multi-dimensional cube. This is powerful and intuitive business intelligence which yields results that can be charted and saved as a cube and, when necessary, emailed to other users for their interpretation.

Strategic analysis

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Query and Analysis allows your managers to analyse your data and accurately measure your performance. This information can then be used to set goals and do forecasting.

Query and Analysis Executive

Query and Analysis Executive allows you to conduct inquiries and perform comprehensive examination of enterprise application data using analysis tools such as drilldown, expand breakout and cube analysis. This integrated business intelligence component provides direct, browser-based access to enterprise application data from within a familiar desktop environment, facilitating the inquiry and analysis of financial information. Even remote users have the ability to run and interrogate the underlying application databases using reports defined by the system.

Query and Analysis XL and Client for Microsoft Word

These components provide dynamic links between enterprise application data and Microsoft applications with the means to integrate this information into an Excel spreadsheet, as well as prepare data in Excel for import into enterprise application databases. Information can also be merged with memos, structured report packs, and application documentation (listings) created in Word.

Query and Analysis Alert

This component enhances your ability to identify, analyse, and report on performance and trends concealed within your database. It automates aspects of the reporting and scheduling process, thus facilitating information delivery.


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