Wave’s offers an implementation and configuration service for your chosen solution which meets your exact requirements.

Wave has many years of expertise in our product offerings and their related systems as well as implementation and configuration of these related systems. Working with Wave ensures you get the best possible help and guidance in order for you to get the most out of your solution investment.

As a partner of Infor and Oracle, we add a personable service with expert account management and support technicians who really get to know your site and personnel.

We will make it our promise to ensure implementation and configuration runs as smoothly as possible, minimising any disruption to your business and get you up and running with the knowledge to effectively make the most of your business system investment as efficiently as possible.

Implementation and configuration delivery will include:

Business Process Analysis 

Determine how your requirements can be met using SunSystems or NetSuite and to identify and agree any localisation that may be necessary in order to address your business requirements before implementation and configuration

Software Installation

Install or provision the required SunSystems or NetSuite platforms.  Consider on-premise, native cloud or cloud hosting options.

Core Ledger Configuration

Refine your Chart of Accounts, analysis codes and transaction types and other areas of configuration to specifically meet your requirements

Core Report Set Installation

Suite of reports to meet Financial and Management accounting requirements

Data Migration

Loading opening balances into the Chart of Accounts plus any transaction-level data

User Acceptance Testing

Provision of standard test script plus advice and guidance during testing

End User Training

Standard training course plus training notes

Assistance During Live Running

On site time

Project Management

Focussed on change control and scope-creep

Project calendar

Select your anticipated start month

  • Month 1
  • Month 2
  • Month 3
  • Month 4
  • Month 5
  • Month 6
  • Month 7
  • Business process analysis
  • Software installation
  • Core Ledger configuration
  • Core report set installation
  • Data migration
  • End user training
  • User acceptance testing UAT
  • Assistance @ go-live
  • Project management