We use all our experience listening to client requirements and then assemble relevant solutions comprising products from our world-class software partners.

A Wave solution combines our unique approach listening to and working with your team to deliver robust and scalable experiences that just work.

New to market

Wave works with start-ups, scale-ups and new joint venture clients to introduce and sustain business activity by delivering the controls necessary to monitor and evaluate performance.

At the heart of every successful organisation, large and small, established or start-up, is a well-managed finance department.  Whether your primary focus is keeping an eye on cash, monitoring forecasted revenue streams or evaluating spend patterns across dispersed operations, a robust financial management system (FMS) is essential. It should capture all financial transactions and allow easy data analysis and comprehensive reporting ability. Choosing the right tool is central to achieving your business objectives.

Accurate and timely, financial information can mean the difference between success and failure so you need the right provider advising you on the right tools. It’s all about your people and stakeholders – such as directors, managers and investors who all need to be supported by their FMS so they can focus on business priorities.

A Wave delivered financial management solution will comprise all the core accounting and book-keeping functions complemented by a range of pre and post-accounting automation solutions to reflect the scale of your team, the volume of transactions and the corresponding workload.

Outgrown your current solution

When you talk to our team here at Wave, you’ll be safe in the hands of professionals who’ve held many clients’ hands through this very same journey.

You know when you need to review your current business support tools, the typical warning signs are well known to many.

You might be taking longer to finalise the close every month or simply relying on too many clever spreadsheets required to build important links between teams and systems to pull together all the data sources required to provide the picture of your financial health.

We know that organisations, historically, use financial and enterprise management systems for, on average, in excess of 10 years and these take substantial investment and can breed familiarity.  The world moves on every year, so after 10 years its likely the potential of a refreshed system will significantly impact your operations for the better.

From analysing chart of accounts design improvements to evaluating reporting packs and distribution methods and timetables right through to assessing interfaces and integrations with line of business applications that provide the sales and cost transactions, Wave are ready to help design your upgrade and migration strategy and to make the transition seamless and affordable.

Solution focus areas

  • Financial Management Systems (FMS)
    Infor SunSystems supply, implementation and support of this scalable, proven and adaptable package with over 9,000 customers globally.
  • Making Tax Digital (MTD)
    We provide HMRC compliant solutions for our FMS and ERP offerings allowing UK businesses to submit their tax returns and payments online whilst keeping digital records. Integrated with your FMS or your ERP we will save you time and give you peace of mind.
  • Payments and cash management (PCM)
    We offer the Professional Advantage, Infor SunSystems Process Automation Suite which enables Open Banking, Purchase-to-Pay, billing and collections in addition to further enhancements to core Infor SunSystems functionality.
  • Spend management/Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)
    Wave delivers Professional Advantage’s iPOS eProcurement offering powerful, end-to-end spend control for Infor SunSystems to get a grip of organisational spend.
  • Time recording and expense management/Professional Services Automation (PSA)
    We provide software from systems@work one of the leading expenses, timesheets, billing and workflow solutions to help you control how your people spend their time.  
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    Oracle NetSuite supply, implementation and support of this unified business management suite trusted by more than 24,000 organisations around the world.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Oracle NetSuite CRM delivers a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle, from lead all the way through opportunity, sales order, fulfilment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support.
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
    Infor Q&A and Infor d/EPM business intelligence (BI) software supplied in support of any organisation using data from their FMS, ERP or other line of business applications to provide insight as well as budgeting & forecasting/planning.
  • Document management system (DMS)
    Many of our solutions comprise integrated document management but occasionally a specialist solution is required to meet specific needs beyond application footprints.  We offer best of breed DMS solutions to help with your wider digitalisation.


Our solutions are built by our people with your people for the benefit of your wider organisation. In understanding those needs we engage across the board with key stakeholders to ensure all requirements are satisfied.

Below are a few examples of our favourite people …


The buck stops with you when it comes to financial management…

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Financial Controller

You may not be sitting at the board table, but you’re still tasked with making sure you provide the right support to the organisation …

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We all need the bridge between IT and Finance to ensure smooth transition and support …

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You’re in charge of everything and need to know that the finance team have all they need.

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Implement and Configure

As part of Wave’s offering, we will implement and configure your chosen solution to your exact requirements.

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Cloud and Hosting

Wave offer native cloud support for our core offerings.

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“With our last provider we had no sense of personal connection with the company, but the team at Wave keep in touch. We feel that we know them well and they have an excellent understanding of our business”

Jo Webb – University College Hospital Charities