Customer satisfaction is at the heart of business and organisational success leading to increased revenue, greater levels of customer loyalty and less likelihood of defection to competitors. 

From attracting customers in the first instance, to ensuring each prospect is diligently progressed through to placing their orders and on to the delivery of excellent product and service experience, customers drive more colleagues than any other group of stakeholders.  Keeping them on board is therefore critical.

Well run organisations leverage CRM, which is a technology used to enable effective and multiple interactions between customers and the selling organisation.  Typically, it encompasses lead generation, contact nurturing, sales team automation, service management and can improve business processes as a result of the interaction with marketing given the early registration of leads right through to the qualification of opportunities, sales forecasting, quote handling, order management, commission calculations and deliver or be integrated with service management, ERP/FMS and ecommerce capabilities.

Helping marketing, sales, product teams and finance work through the many lead and revenue generation processes as well as dealing with customer retention and nurture means most organisations can benefit to a significant extent from tools to ensure tasks are not forgotten and early warnings of reduced revenue forecasts can be identified and addressed.

Wave have chosen to partner with Oracle NetSuite to provide our clients with a market-leading CRM product, which can be integrated with any other business systems as well as be operated from the cloud and so can cost effectively reach all parts of your organisation.

Watch this short video to find out more about our Oracle NetSuite CRM solution and then head on over to our product pages for more detail.  Get in touch to discuss your existing processes.

If your interested in how Oracle NetSuite ERP handles these same capabilities and requirements then head to our Oracle NetSuite page below.


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