We are constantly encouraged, with the perils of the climate emergency front and centre so often nowadays, to migrate away from paper-bound processes which incur costs and reduce productivity and there are now more and more solutions that allow us to archive paper-based documents and in most cases do away with them completely.   Wave supports this trend away from paper-based working.

Document Management Systems (DMS) have slowly adapted to reflect changing user expectations and and no longer provide an exclusively paper-bound document digitisation service to businesses but can additionally encompass the handling of originally electronic documents.

Document Management Systems, which still evokes memories of arrays of scanning devices, taking images of documents such as invoices and application forms and then subsequently extracting the text it finds (Optical Character Recognition – or OCR) for digitisation and integration into our core business systems, has evolved.

Many of the applications in our portfolio of software products and solutions contain some degree of DMS (paper or electronic document handing) as integral to their user experience.  This means very often that “point” solutions already handle documents to the level we require being, typically, the 3 key steps of capture, archive and retrieve on demand. 

For customers who have specific and perhaps unique requirements, then a standard DMS can help organisations combine the power of what the DMS vendors term, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the universality of cloud storage to develop touchless automation.

Wave clients tend to focus on specific narrow and functional areas such as AP automation to engage with DMS requirements but the power of having levels of choice across our solutions excites us.

This short video gives a brief generic overview explaining DMS, why they exist and what they do.

Head over to our product pages to find out more about the DMS add-on we recommend for Infor SunSystems from both Infor and our partner V1 especially if you’re thinking about AP, or invoice, automation.  For those of you of the ERP persuasion take a look at our Oracle NetSuite ERP pages where you will find out how DMS is integrated within every record-type within NetSuite for the upload and retrieval of attachments as well as within customised NetSuite workflows. Alternatively, get in touch with us directly here.

DMS - Document Management Systems