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# 1 Trusted Financial Management Systems

Design the FMS that works for you

When evaluating FMS software applications to build your perfect solution it’s all too easy to focus on the capabilities of the software instead of your own criteria and requirements.  It’s important to remember why you are looking for new software. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the FMS that you need and want. This is why we offer a stand-alone FMS as well as an integrated ERP offering which incorporates an FMS

“A financial management system (FMS) is the software and processes an organization uses to manage assets, income and expenses. An FMS performs various functions: reducing accounting errors, maintaining audit trails and ensuring compliance with applicable accounting standards.”

Benefit from

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Avoiding risk with streamlines processes

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Flexible, scalable solutions that encourage growth

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Real-time integration with your other business systems

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Saving time by automating manual processes

Our core financial solutions


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Infor Gold Channel Partner

SunSystems is a world-class financial accounting software solution that connects seamlessly with organisational systems and provides you with a centralised, real-time view of data across your business.


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Trusted NetSuite Partner

  NetSuite ERP manages financial business processes and core back-office functions from a single dataset in the cloud. With access to real-time data from anywhere, decision making is faster and better. 

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