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Wave offers ready-made MTD solutions for our FMS (SunSystems) and ERP (NetSuite) designed to help organisations meet complex tax requirements and reporting/submission obligations and to maintain compliant solutions during periods of change from tax authorities.

Your FMS is already a digital record-keeping tool and Wave’s solutions have been working with tax jurisdictions around the world to facilitate integration through our range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable for many years.

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Infor SunSystems

Wave is delighted to confirm that we are offering the Professional Advantage, MTD solution for Infor SunSystems.  This is HMRC compliant software, for direct submission of VAT returns from your ledger to the HMRC portal without manual intervention. 

Feedback from customers has enabled the product to incorporate more complex requirements such as Partially Recoverable Tax calculation results from auditable sources outside Infor SunSystems.

This solution is a must-have for organisations of all sizes to help save time on preparation and report running by automating the entire calculation and submission process.

Watch the overview video and then head over to our PAMTD product page to learn more about the product for use with Infor SunSystems.

Oracle NetSuite

Wave is also pleased to confirm that for NetSuite users the International Tax Reports SuiteApp is available to be enabled at no further subscription cost, to allow HMRC-compatible MTD links, VAT filing and audit trails. Visit our Oracle NetSuite, ERP product page to find out more.

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