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Procurement software (also known as Procure to Pay or Purchase to Pay – P2P) manages the entire purchasing process within a supply chain and is a critical element of supply chain management systems.  Designed to help organisations improve their operational and financial performance by improving the way they buy all types of goods and services.

P2P solutions enable you to control the entire purchasing process, from the initial requisition through to payment for goods/services received. Employees throughout the organisation will readily embrace it as the easiest way to buy the goods and services they need while following established policies, procedures and automatically working within budget.

The Infor10 (SunSystems) Proposition:  

Unlike other procurement solutions iPOS integrates with Infor SunSystems rather than interfaces. For SunSystems installations this is by far the preferable option as the iPOS integration is ‘out of the box’.

Integration provides end to end, auditable, transactional control, unlike an interface which can only go, and be audited to, the point of data export.

For example the submitting of an invoice for approval reverses the hard commitments in the hard commitment ledger and raises the accrual in the actual ledger. If at any time iPOS is unable to complete the posting for any reason, e.g. invalid analysis code combination, then iPOS will roll back all the affected transactions and re-state the system to the prior point.

In contrast the interface approach will not permit this automatic recovery and the user would need to reconcile the ledgers and identify the missing transactions. If your system  is unfortunate enough to have a database failure, the point of integration versus interfacing will become painfully obvious and the iPOS solution will be truly appreciated.

Implementation and ongoing effort.

As iPOS integration is out of the box with SunSystems there is no additional consulting or operational effort required either on an ongoing basis or during implementation. This dramatically lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increases data integrity and, in our experience, provides smoother ongoing operations.


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