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Best-in-class Professional Services Automation solution

It’s important to make sure you achieve objectives for your clients and that you are billing accurately to minimise future queries which could delay payment.

Project management, resource utilisation and reporting are additional important features of your PSA which when integrated with your FMS or enabled within your ERP can deliver the complete bid-to-bill process for your services business.

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A primary focus for many tends to be the time recording capabilities and the employee expense management process as these are essential to the management of billing and control of costs and margins. Online based tools to deliver timesheets and out-of-pocket expense claims deliver the capture of digital records out to the employees doing the work with your clients. 

In the project management office, the ability to review and approve these costs allows for the early identification and proactive resolution of potential issues that might impact the client experience or the billing and collection cycle. Being integrated or part of your FMS and/or ERP delivers project accounting as you connect the project lifecycle to your financial management and reporting processes.

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