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Workflow Management

Infor10 ION represents a new concept for business software that replaces traditional middleware solutions with a speedy, lightweight connective structure that adds new levels of intelligence and sophistication to existing business technology. It adds a powerful, unified combination of contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow, and business monitoring, all delivered within a single, consistent architecture.

Infor10 ION reflects the profound effect social and mobile consumer technologies have had on enterprise software. Infor10 ION embodies that trend by unifying an unparalleled breadth of powerful functions while performing those functions all at once—integration services combine with contextual intelligence, which powers an intelligent, intuitive user interface.

Infor10 ION Workflow & Event Management—there’s a lot more to your business process than software. Infor10 ION structures the human side of your business process by letting you create, standardise, and monitor your business process and change workflows yourself when you want so that you can:

Make your own rules. ION Workflow & Event Management detects exceptions based on business rules that you define. It can also trigger notifications and alerts directed to the appropriate users with ION Workflow.

Create workflows quickly. ION Workflow & Event Management offers graphical modelling that lets you design your workflow in a simple flowchart view. This makes it easy to create even complex workflows, and know that they’ll work across applications.

Prevent oversights. ION Workflow & Event Management detects events that should have happened, but didn’t—for example, a shipment to an important customer that missed its due date. You can make ION Workflow & Event Management alert the right people immediately to address important business issues promptly.

Provide better service. You can set up ION Workflow & Event Management to monitor service levels to make sure that you meet your performance levels and maintain excellent customer service.

Automate approvals. You can create simple or sophisticated workflows to automate document routing and approvals across departments and office locations worldwide.

Infor10 ION Workspace

 With Infor10 ION, applications share a groundbreaking new user interface called ION Workspace that lets you work the way you live. It automatically displays the information you need when you need it and doesn’t make you waste time “swiveling” between applications to do your work—everything you need appears in Workspace as needed to help you make better decisions faster.

Infor10 ION Pulse

 This part of Infor10 ION creates a data feed that lets your applications transmit business documents to each other and subscribe to whatever kinds of documents are relevant. You can also monitor those messages yourself so that you can keep tabs on your entire business as easily as you’d monitor a social media feed. ION Pulse also enhances that data feed with contextual intelligence to help you make better decisions faster.

Infor10 ION ActivityDeck

A client for ION Pulse, this utility lets you view and interact with the information that you get from Pulse, either on your desktop or on your favorite mobile device. It also lets you inspect and modify the processes you create in ION Workflow & Event management, so that you can continuously improve the way you work.

Infor10 Motion

The rich, flexible connective architecture of Infor10 ION extends to support mobile services with an unparalleled degree of usability, security, and control while minimizing the cost and effort required for provisioning, deployment and management.


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